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[Help please/Updated] Best EA use of $250,000AUD/$190,000 USD for metascience?

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The minimal definition is:

>Longtermism is the view that:

>(i) Those who live at future times matter just as much, morally, as those who live today;

>(ii) Society currently privileges those who live today above those who will live in the future; and

>(iii) We should take action to rectify that, and help ensure the long-run future goes well.

It doesn't really tell people why we care about the long term future so much. We do it because there can be much much much more people living in the long term future than there are living right now. This consideration seems more important to me than the fact that the society priveleges those who live today.

I wonder, did you not include this consideration in any of the definitions, because it's too difficult for people to understand?

GiveWell's Charity Recommendations Require Taking a Controversial Stance on Population Ethics

They could very well accept all the inconsistencies Michael mentions and still just maximize EV according to their own (complex) values.

Excuse me, what does EV stand for?