Clarifying existential risks and existential catastrophes

Have you seen my papers on the topic, by chance? One is published in Inquiry, the other is forthcoming. Send me an email if you'd like!

Is Existential Risk a Useless Category? Could the Concept Be Dangerous?

John: Do I have your permission to release screenshots of our exchange? You write: "... including persistently sending me messages on Facebook." I believe that this is very misleading.

Response to recent criticisms of EA "longtermist" thinking

You don't even have the common courtesy of citing the original post so that people can decide for themselves whether you've accurately represented my arguments (you haven't). This is very typical "authoritarian" (or controlling) EA behavior in my experience: rather than given critics an actual fair hearing, which would be the intellectually honest thing, you try to monopolize and control the narrative by not citing the original source, and then reformulating all the arguments while at the same time describing these reformulations as "steelmanned" versions (which some folks who give EA the benefit of the doubt might just accept), despite the fact that the original author (me) thinks you've done a truly abysmal job at accurately presenting the critique. As mentioned, this will definitely get cited in a forthcoming article; it really does embody much of what's epistemically wrong with this community.

Book Review: Enlightenment Now, by Steven Pinker

Sloppy scholarship. Please do take a look, if you have a moment:

William MacAskill misrepresents much of the evidence underlying his key arguments in "Doing Good Better"

As it happens, I found numerous cases of truly egregious cherry-picking, demonstrably false statements, and (no, I'm not kidding) out-of-context mined quotes in just a few pages of Pinker's "Enlightenment Now." Take a look for yourself. The terrible scholarship is shocking.

EA Hotel with free accommodation and board for two years

Wow, this is absolutely stunning. I can't myself participate, but I genuinely hope this project takes off. I'm sure you're familiar with the famous (but not demolished) Building 20 at MIT: It provided a space for interdisciplinary work -- and wow, the results were truly amazing.

What does Trump mean for EA?

Friends: I recently wrote a few thousand words on the implications that a Trump presidency will have for global risk. I'm fairly new to this discussion group, so I hope posting the link doesn't contravene any community norms. Really, I would eagerly welcome feedback on this. My prognosis is not good.

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