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No one knew I was involved, though. Honestly. All that happened after I'd moved on. I was as surprised as everyone else to read Zoe's EA Forum post.

Also worth noting that I'd mentioned our original collaboration to many people in the community prior to that tweet. This isn't new information.

To be clear, everything they complain about was after I left the project (so far as I know). I was as surprised as anyone else to read Zoe's EA Forum post -- I hadn't even seen a draft of it, and didn't know she'd written it. Their complaints had nothing to do with me having worked on an early draft of the paper!

EA Forum moderators take note: I believe the individual above is the same who created these two Twitter accounts just a few days ago, both of which were used to harass me on Twitter: I have screenshots of many of our exchanges if you'd like. Harassment on social media should warrant being banned from this website, especially when the harasser continues to conceal their identity. Please act.


(EDIT: Please note also that this "throwaway" account was created just this month. Are you, as a community, okay with people creating anonymous Twitter accounts and anonymous EA Forum accounts to share misleading and out-of-context screenshots about someone? If so, I'll make a note of it.)

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