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Perhaps outing my lack of math knowledge, but better to ask than sit in ignorance. In the simple model, why is it 

V[WX]=v(1−(1−f)r)∞∑i (1−r)i−1

instead of 

V[WX]=v∞∑i (1−(1−f)r)i ?

(apologies for bad math notation haven't asked a math question  on the forum yet) essentially my question is, why is (1-(1-f)r) on the outside of the summation, instead of replacing r inside the summation? Doesn't putting it on the outside mean that you are summing with the wrong risks? Like, if I put it on the inside, wouldn't I get 

V[WX] = v(1-(1-f)r) / ((1-f)r) ? 




I'd be very curious how far EAG could go by just focusing on Soylent / Huel  / Mealsquares.

I can imagine you could get pretty serious savings by making a deal with a small number of brands for a large purchase. I would suspect EA's account for a serious proportion of these brand's revenue, and EAG's are the ideal place for them to market to new EA's and EA adjacent individuals, so they'd stand to gain a lot from even just providing merchandise at-cost.

Also, when hosting retreats,  Soylent was always the most in demand item. 

I have not loved the catering at past EAG events (EAG London, EAG SF, EAG DC... the exception was EAGx Boston, whose catering I thought was very good. Though no disrespect to CEA - I've handled event catering and it is hell. ). At all of these, I actually would have preferred it if instead of some (most) catered meals there were just assorted Huels (There has been soylent - but I can't stand soylent).  

Lastly, I think this would be pretty funny.  It's a pretty severe change, but I'd be curious to see how EAG participants would respond to this if proposed in a survey, and it's a fun visual symbol of "efficiency and cost effectiveness vibes" so there's some signaling benefit. 

Ah yes excellent point, I have included above!

I have been trying to implement the learning by writing tips for the past four weeks, and have really felt the need for a community for feedback + accountability + expectation setting so I'm not totally alone in the wilderness. I can imagine many others feeling the same way - thank you for organizing this, and I think this is a really interesting model I would like to experiment with in my own community building.