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There is a company that's working on this or at least on similar things like this. They're called Cognigenics and they released a paper some time ago that was very well received as far as i know. They invented a nasal spray that seems to be capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier and  they used it to genetically change the brains of mice. The mice showed less anxious behaviour afterwards.

I'm neither a geneticist nor a neuroscientist so i can't say much about it. But i too really hope that things like this will become a reality. I have suffered from severe mental/neurological problems from a young age. I have very little control over my emotions and suffer a lot because of it. I think my medication helps a little bit, but not very much. It would be my dream to have a healthy brain that actually helps me to be happy and not miserable/scared.

Sorry if my english isn't perfect.