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About Me: I am the author of a new book about Consciousness. It details a new theory of Consciousness and intended to solve the mind-body problem and the meta-problem of consciousness. My book could be found here - https://thepertinentpress.co.uk/pooja-soni

Academically I do not have a degree as I dropped out of a course in engineering after completing two out of 4 years. 

The Problem: I have been rejected by universities when I applied for Masters in Philosophy and also when I applied for 'Phd by publication' (using my book as a thesis) because I do not hold a bachelor's degree. 

I am very keen to enter academia after having spent 8 years in doing independent research in the field of Consciousness. 

What would you suggest me to do?

Should I take up a bachelor's degree?

Or wait to see if any universities could treat me as a exception, given the high quality book that I have produced?

Or there is an alternative option I am unaware of?


Thank you so much.