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An excerpt from your website. (which I love)

we aim to teach an entire generation to care a little bit more than the generations before them and to truly have an impact on the world, through the actions that we inspire. We are making kindness viral! 

What are your insights on your main target audience generation alpha/zoomer? What are your quantitative goals and/or how do you measure your success?

with GWWC at least officially they don't consider company match as part of the pledge:


What I personally think is that those who are pledgees should consider donation matching as part of a prospective job's compensation as it is a permanent cost. (also would incentivise negotiation in that direction)

This piece has so many choices bangers! Cheers for writing it! will be checking heaps of quotes for future use.

Have you considered games of smaller scope which have more virality chance?

Not quite a game but an example ish: https://www.humanornot.ai/

One Chance https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/555181

I think there is opportunity to produce uncomfortable games. I'm imagining the famous pandemic flash game could be spun to be more EA related.

There could be some inspiration from Cold War era nuclear war movies where the message is clear just but showing the danger and result.

Personally I think there could be room in incremental games (e.g. A dark room) or social deception (with LLMs) displaying how powerful AI's current capabilities are even today.

Has anyone EA looked into how compatible or how to get EA movements into non western countries such as China or India?