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EA and the current funding situation

Sorry I should have been clearer, I was meaning more in psychological terms than economic ones. An extra dollar might still do the same amount of good, but the way people intuitively assess impact it will feel very different depending on the funding context people feel it is in. 

Bad Omens in Current Community Building

So what specific kinds of talented people does EA need more of? Well, the most obvious place to look is the most recent Leader Forum, which gives the following talent gaps (in order):

Is there a place you should go if you meet one of those particular talent gaps? 

Bad Omens in Current Community Building

The focus on student groups is also inherently redflaggy for some people, as it can be viewed as looking for people who have less scepticism and experience.

EA and the current funding situation

There being a lot of funding available in EA also changes the calculus for people deciding if they want to donate their own money. If there are super rich people donating to EA, to the extent that finding ways to spend money is a problem, then the motivation for normal individuals to donate is lower. 

EA and the current funding situation

Its not specific communications so much as it is the level of activity around specific causes. How many posts and how much discussion time is spent on AI and other cool intellectual things, vs. more mundane but important things like malaria. Danger of being seen as just a way for people to morally justify doing the kind of things they already want to do. 

The claim that EA is talent constrained not money constrained always confuses me. Since there are no shortage of young talented people interested in EA, but there seem to be very few jobs for them to do in EA. If there is this huge pile of money sitting around why not give it to pepole in exchange for their labor? As every other industry or cause does. 

Go Republican, Young EA!

Value drift seems like a risk. You might start off with a set of altruistic beliefs, but if you spend all your professional and social time around a set of people who don't share those beliefs then you are likely to adopt those beliefs, for the various well studied psychological effects of conformity and what information you will be being exposed to. 

The Unweaving of a Beautiful Thing

Excellent story. 

Do you have any writing elsewhere?

FLI launches Worldbuilding Contest with $100,000 in prizes

Same. I'm fairly confident in my writing skills but lack any talent in the other areas and would find doing so embarassing