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Can EA leverage an Elon-vs-world-hunger news cycle?

For folks employed at universities, is often an easy place to get short pieces (~800 words or slightly longer) picked up, and pieces published there are sometimes picked up by other outlets. They especially like it if your proposal links into something currently in the news. They prefer being pitched first but I have succeeded in the past with a full piece ready-to-go. They will expect you or a coauthor to be an 'expert' in the topic you are writing on, but this is broadly construed; I would just fill out my profile in a way that shows you have some academic background relevant to the topic. (My academic background isn't at all relevant to this topic, unfortunately.) My articles there have averaged 14K unique views each - not amazing but not bad if you've not succeeded with bigger outlets.

Forecasting Transformative AI: Are we "trending toward" transformative AI? (How would we know?)

sidenote: There has been an argument that 'radically transformative AI' is a better term for the Industrial Revolution definition, given the semantic bleaching already taking place with 'transformative AI'.

Can "pride" be used as a subjective measure like "happiness"?

Good thought, thanks. The "Work as Meaning Inventory" ( , items in Table 1) might be relevant, as it also has elements of 'what do you prefer' as well as a 'greater good motivations' subscale.

Accomplishments Open Thread - April 2016

Congrats on the TIME article!

What are the numbers in parentheses? The number of people who clicked the links from the article?