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Hi! Thank you so much for posting and sharing. :)

You mentioned looking for arguments to value the personal freedom of retirement more than your donations to the Global South. Have you considered the meat eater problem (EA forum link, Journal of Controversial Ideas link)? One of my friends considers the meat eater problem as sufficient justification to save for early retirement and then focus on animal advocacy work, so I thought I would share it with you in case you have not already considered it!

Thanks again for all you do, and take care! :)

Hi! I read up to Appendix 3. I like your post and your idea!

One critique: I think you underestimate the incentive for people to switch their current donations to effective organizations to CDM which may decrease the counterfactual value of this proposal such that it becomes negative. I’d be curious to hear more of your thoughts/research on this subject!

Also, I’ve been thinking about streamlining setting up a fund for my own money that guarantees my patient philanthropic donations. I’m interested in (1) seeing if this already exists; (2) starting CDM (or something like it) if this does not already exist. Shoot me an email at qmot3@gatech.edu if you’d like to discuss further!

Congratulations on your first post and thank you for making it! :)