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Valuing research works by eliciting comparisons from EA researchers

One particularly worrying difference in opinions is the difference in the range of values. Moorhouse’s range is 5.1 orders of magnitude, whereas Leech’s is 12.6 (the participants’ average is 7.6).

what about taking exp(normalize(log(x)) for some normalization function that behaves roughly like vector normalization? 

The Vultures Are Circling

“You should apply for [insert EA grant], all I had to do was pretend to care about x, and I got $$!”

I can speak of one EA institution, which I will not name, that suffers from this. Math and cognitive science majors can get a little too  far in EA circles just by mumbling something about AI Safety, and not delivering any actual interfacing with the literature or the community. 

So, thanks for posting. 

Sex work as part of mental health and wellbeing services

I am commenting to create public knowledge, in a form stronger than a mere upvote, that I think this post is on the right track and that wellbeing increases from just tackling loneliness, lack of affection, lack of validation, etc. directly ought to be a serious cause candidate. 

quinn's Shortform

idea: taboo "community building", say "capacity building" instead. 


The Future Fund’s Project Ideas Competition

Sub-extinction event drills, games, exercises

Civilizational resilience to catastrophes

Someone should build up expertise and produce educational materials / run workshops on questions like 

  1. Nuclear attacks on several cities in a 1000 mile radius of you, including one within 100 miles. What is your first move? 
  2. Reports of a bioweapon in the water supply of your city. What do you do? 
  3. You're a survivor of an industrial-revolution-erasing event. What chunks of knowledge from science can be useful to you? After survival, what are the steps to rebuilding? 
  4. 6 billion people died and the remaining billion are uniformly distributed throughout the planet's former population centers. How can you build up robustness of basic survival, food and water production, shelter, etc.?
  5. (for the IT folks) 5 years after number 4, basic needs are largely met, and scavengers have filled a garage with old laptops and computer parts. Can you begin rebuilding the internet to connect with other clusters around the world? 

Differentially distributing these materials/workshops to people who live in geographical areas likely to survive at all could help rebuilding efforts in worlds where massive sub-extinction events occur. 

Introducing 80k After Hours

Stitcher please? Many shows named "after hours" of some kind, can't find 80k on there. 

The case for building more and better epistemic institutions in the effective altruism community

Related: the term I've been using lately in thinking about this sort of thing is epistemic public goods, which I think was prompted when I saw Julia Galef tweet about the "epistemic commons"

"Should have been hired" Prizes

I think you missed a disadvantage: I think there's a free rider problem where everyone reaps the benefits of the research and it's too easy for a given org to decline funding it. 

Overall I like the idea a lot and 

Some mechanism may be required to ensure that multiple organisations do not fund the same work.

I hope to find time for this exercise later today. 

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