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MotionHall is a company founded by Effective Altruists to reduce the time and cost required to bring innovative new medicines to people everywhere.

You can review role postings at the company, here:

MotionHall is growth stage and most roles have multiple openings. New teammates are frequently promoted in alignment with their aptitudes and interests, opening more opportunities for new teammates to join us.

Please note MotionHall is a for-profit software startup company with a progress mission. We have helped mobilize cancer breakthroughs, COVID-19 vaccine technology, potential cures for Alzheimer's, and more - and support breakthrough innovation countries all over the globe, from Chile to China, Australia to America.

You can learn more about how I personally think about aspects of our work on Progress Narratives:

I'd love to hear from you! 

Please mention your affiliation with Effective Altruism if you choose to apply to become one of our teammates in fulfilling this impact mission.