Recruiter @ Open Philanthropy
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Open Philanthropy is hiring for roles on two crucial operations teams!

Recruiters/Senior Recruiters and Recruiting Coordinators  
We're looking for additional recruiting staff to help us reach our ambitious growth targets while improving how we hire. You could be well suited for the team if you like building new connections and think you can represent Open Phil positively and accurately to people from a wide range of backgrounds.

Finance Operations Assistant/Associate
As the second member of our internal Finance team, you'd work closely with our Finance Lead and the Director of Grants Management to make our financial operations as efficient as possible. This role could be a great fit for someone who enjoys seeking out opportunities for process improvement and helping other people get their work done.

In all roles, we're looking for someone organized, attentive to detail, and excited about our mission. No past experience in finance or recruiting is required (though it is a plus)!