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I feel like a lot of the ideas aren't really perceived as that weird, when I've discussed EA in intellectual circles unfamiliar with the concept? "Charity should first go to the most needy" is something most people espouse, even if they don't actually put it into action. A lot of my liberal friends are vegetarian or vegan for one reason or another and have strong opinions on animal abuse. The single most common complaint about politics is that it focuses too much on short-term incentives instead of long-term issues. That covers the top three; AI takeover? The only socially weird thing is how seriously the EA takes it, but everyone has an idea of what AI takeover might look like. Many people disagree with EAs, but not more than people disagree with, say, climate change activists.

Hey Ines! I'm with a team who's been working on this part-time (Sebastian Engen, Noah Lee, and I). We've got a Shopify frontend and Printful backend setup, I've tested our site and it works great in USA and presumably in EU. We also have a bit of USA nonprofit structure setup already. 

If you're interested I think the project is looking for more leads! We've been flying a bit under the radar since we wanted to nail the launch rather than doing a soft launch and all of us have other projects that are currently higher priority. However, if you've got more time / energy we've got infrastructure that you could leverage! 

Kaleem, Marka, would love to see if we can coordinate with you as well. My email is hello@rachelshu.com

Hi! I'm interested in hearing more about this work. 

I'm a documentarian currently co-directing a miniseries about high-impact interventions made by individuals and groups working on pandemic relief, such as Tomas Pueyo and the COVID Tracking Project. It's a way of discussing EA ideas in the context of a widely known cause area. We also received funding from EA grantmakers; I can probably at least advise on logistics, and may be able to do more.

Shoot me an email! rachel@rachelshu.com

I wrote a suggestion here, about donating to campaign contributions, which are capped in the US so many small donors is better than one large donor. https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/FffuQRBYjvm5hiaFw/there-s-a-role-for-small-ea-donors-in-campaign-finance