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What would you like to see in an EA merch store?

Hey Ines! I'm with a team who's been working on this part-time (Sebastian Engen, Noah Lee, and I). We've got a Shopify frontend and Printful backend setup, I've tested our site and it works great in USA and presumably in EU. We also have a bit of USA nonprofit structure setup already. 

If you're interested I think the project is looking for more leads! We've been flying a bit under the radar since we wanted to nail the launch rather than doing a soft launch and all of us have other projects that are currently higher priority. However, if you've got more time / energy we've got infrastructure that you could leverage! 

Kaleem, Marka, would love to see if we can coordinate with you as well. My email is hello@rachelshu.com

Any EA Documenters/Cinematographers who want to make an EA documentary?

Hi! I'm interested in hearing more about this work. 

I'm a documentarian currently co-directing a miniseries about high-impact interventions made by individuals and groups working on pandemic relief, such as Tomas Pueyo and the COVID Tracking Project. It's a way of discussing EA ideas in the context of a widely known cause area. We also received funding from EA grantmakers; I can probably at least advise on logistics, and may be able to do more.

Shoot me an email! rachel@rachelshu.com

What's the role of donations now that the EA movement is richer than ever?

I wrote a suggestion here, about donating to campaign contributions, which are capped in the US so many small donors is better than one large donor. https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/FffuQRBYjvm5hiaFw/there-s-a-role-for-small-ea-donors-in-campaign-finance