Rainer Kravets

Co-Executive Director @ Animal Policy International
248 karmaJoined Working (0-5 years)Tallinn, Estonia


Together with Mandy Carter I co-founded Animal Policy International after going through the Charity Entrepreneurship's Incubation program. Our mission is to ensure that animal welfare standards are upheld in international trade policy.

We are working in cooperation with farmers, NGOs and policymakers towards responsible imports that uphold local standards in higher welfare regions and help promote higher standards in low-welfare countries.

Previously served as a Program manager at the Food Innovation Summit 2022, the largest alternative protein conference in the Nordics.

How others can help me

  • I'm looking to connect and meet with potential mentors and advisors in policy and animal advocacy, collaborators, volunteers and donors
  • advise on measuring impact of a policy organisation

How I can help others

  • advise on charity entrepreneurship as a career path


Hi Catherine!

Thanks! We actually have been in touch with Animals Aotearoa already :) But I will DM you for NZ contacts!

Hi Saul!

Thanks a lot for your super valuable suggestions! Connections with NZ EA community would be very useful. I have already drafted a question for Metaculus, but I'm very new to forecasting. I will DM you to discuss more :)