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Thanks, suffering levels seem sufficiently ambiguous that I'll just avoid silk for now.

Would be near impossible to convince my mom to eat beef because she's a devout Hindu/we're in India :(

Anyone have a source they recommend for figuring out what meat is most ethical to eat? For health reasons, I've switched back to eating meat but would still like to minimize the suffering I cause. 

re: your second bullet point, I volunteered for door-knocking, and none of the other volunteers I knew/met (which was basically all of them) were either asked to come doorknock or offered travel subsidies by the campaign team. Some volunteers did reach out to their friends to encourage them to come help out (though the campaign didn't ask people to do this). I would guess that's what happened with the message your friend got.

 That said, I really appreciate how carefully you're trying to think through this. I wish we saw more in-depth red-teaming and criticism of popular ideas floating around in the community. 

Edit: I checked with the campaign and they explicitly said that they didn’t pay for anyones flight nor offer to pay for anyones flight

Is there a way to subscribe to this newsletter to see new posts?

I think looking for things that you want to memorize is the wrong approach: I think it's better for things you want to learn and be able to use long-term. 

The SRS part probably gives you the impression that most of your time is meant to be for memorizing things but the incremental reading component massively shifts most of the use of SuperMemo to being learning and then memorization/maintenance of knowledge when it's in a suitably refined form. 

For me personally, there have been lots of things that I've found useful to learn though it's hard to point at them too specifically since it's not easy to tell what I only remember because of SuperMemo. Likely some of the things that made the biggest difference for me were:

-learning about REBT (mainly the idea of musts. I'm sure other therapies would have been useful this is just one that I happened upon)

-Replacing Guilt by Nate Soares

-supermemo.guru from creator of SM. There are lots of useful writings from here making it hard to point to specific one of most utility but probably my favorite is his one on the Pleasure of Learning

-discovery of Bloom's 2 Sigma Problem from entirely random article I likely otherwise would have not ended up getting around to without SM

There are lots of other things I have in SM that I think aren't directly applicable now but are likely to server as the foundation for bigger ideas (the more things you have in your head the more connections you can make thus increasing creativity). I don't think it's a good idea to assume that more knowledge is an implicit good (since actual effort needs to be made for things to be applicable in real life with formuationl) but I do think long-term knowledge can have a multiplicative effect and it only takes one good idea sparked by two things in memory to be worth the rest of the time you spend on the system,


Beyond that, I think it's just insanely valuable having a system where I can chuck in whatever I find interesting and then not have to spend brainpower thinking about how to manage having 100 tabs. It completely fixes that.


(I am writing this at midnight so sorry if it is not entirely coherent)

If anyone is interested, I'm highly willing to teach any EAs that want to learn how to use it, feel free to dm me (I'm the one that taught Max). Alone I think it takes probably at least a week or two to get the hang of it whereas with maybe ~2 hours of teaching you can get started immediately afterwords. 

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