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Maybe the conference could be renamed or its description amended to say “for EA leaders”. Then people who get rejected would take it less personally that they weren’t accepted.

Hi everyone, there are animal rights groups working to introduce new ballot measures in the US in California and Oregon that could help animals in a significant way. In California, we are working to introduce a ballot initiative that will probably be a ban on new animal factory farms in all of California. We are having several possibilities tested by Faunalytics. We are also preparing to first pass a more radical measure banning animal factory farms in a semi-rural California county. This is a beta test for the California state ballot initiative. In Oregon, a group is already collecting signatures to introduce a ballot measure that would ban killing farmed animals in all of Oregon. We need more help with making sure we collect enough signatures from voters in a limited amount of time to get these initiatives on ballots so voters can vote on them later. If you’d like to help get these ballot initiatives introduced, please text me to +1 (650) 863-1550 or message me on WhatsApp or Signal. Thank you! -Rasa Petrauskaite

Thank you Olivia for your post! I’m now at my first EA conference, and it’s a good reminder that I can use the quiet room to recharge.

Hi everyone, I guess my comment relates to “public policy” mega-project idea. Sorry if it’s not the right place to ask for this, but I’d like help requesting funding to pass a bill in California legislature AB 2764 that would ban new animal factory farms and slaughterhouses. We need to pass this bill because all animals deserve compassion, animal agriculture accelerates climate change, and animal agriculture poses risks to public health of humans. If you’d like to help in any way to pass this bill, please reach out to me at 650-863-1550 by text or donate to Compassionate Bay or Direct Action Everywhere non-profits. Thank you! -Rasa