RationalityEnhancementGroup's Shortform

We would like to draw your attention to a new conference on using methods from psychology and other behavioral sciences to understand and promote effective altruism. We invite you to submit an abstract for a talk, poster, or discussion session on a relevant topic by April 25.

The inaugural Life Improvement Science conference will be held online from June 9-13 2021. We invite short abstracts for talks, posters, symposia, and panel discussions on various topics relevant to understanding and promoting the effective pursuit of prosocial values, optimal personal development (moral learning and cognitive growth), and reducing unethical behavior.

Please submit your abstract here. The abstract submission deadline is April 25.

Relevant topics include prosocial behavior and motivation, moral psychology, improving human decision-making and rationality, effective altruism, positive psychology, behavior change, (digital) interventions, character education, environmental psychology, political psychology, behavioral economics and public policy, wisdom scholarship, computational psychiatry, psychotherapy and coaching, intentional personality change, human-centered design and positive computing, cognitive augmentation, moral philosophy, virtues, value change, and other topics.

Our confirmed speakers include David Reinstein, William Fleeson, Ken Sheldon,  Brian Little, Igor Grossman, Kristján Kristjánsson, and Kendall Bronk. 

If you would like to learn more about LIS and the upcoming LIS conference, you can check out our website. If you would like to stay up to date on Life Improvement Science and the LIS conference, you can sign up for the conference newsletter here or follow us on Twitter and we will keep you posted.

Please help us spread the word about LIS and the LIS conference by forwarding this email to other people who might be interested.