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Why Save The Drowning Child: Ethics Vs Theory

Kind of. From a virtue ethicist standpoint, things that happen aren't really good or bad in and of themselves. It's not bad for a child to drown, and it's not good for a child to be saved, because those aren't the sorts of things that can be good or bad. 

It seems very unintuitive if you look at it from a consequentialist standpoint, but it is consistent and coherent, and people who are committed to it find it intuitive.

I guess an equivalent argument from the other side would be something like "Consequentialists think that virtues only matter in terms of their consequences. But if someone were unknowningly in a simulation, and they were really evil, and spent all their time drowning simulated children, would they not be a bad person?"

Does that make sense?

An 80k for organisations?

Ah, thank you! I'll keep an eye on it.