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Case for emergency response teams

I'm already working on this, and have had input from military, DRR, response, intel and CRM people on it. There are various single issue networks, but yes a civilian global response system, with surge capacity and comms teams is badly needed.

If interested to contribute and not just discuss, call me! 

NB. Please don't text or email

What are effective ways to help Ukrainians right now?

Michael hi and I'll try to read that. 

Just one major concern: in war and humanitarian work the INT framework may not be sufficient/ideal as in a war  you also have to factor in urgency and cascading consequences if logistics supply is not set up promptly, even before you have certainty ...

e.g. if chemical protection masks and suits don't arrive before a toxic 'accident',  many may die 

... so there is a premium on prompt action as part of Critical Pathway Planning, and fine adjustments/discussions can happen in parallel rather than in the slow deliberative way one might normally want to do.

How to use the Forum

How long can posts be edited for?

How to use the Forum

Are there any rules, worries or encouragements about comments?

 commenting, encouraging commenting on posts, inviting comments from experts from within EA community and outside experts, commenting on posts by colleagues, being kind to first-time posters etc?

What are effective ways to help Ukrainians right now?

Download and send:
"Where there is no doctor" epub / mobi
"Where there is no dentist" epub / mobi
"Where there is no vet" epub / mobi / pdf 

Can someone find the links for the free full texts?

Open Thread: Spring 2022

maybe Reddit can work in a similar way?

Open Thread: Spring 2022

I find the level hard work too, so I practice in Facebook groups :-) 

(I'm older than average EAs:  EA wasn't formally an available option when I was at college.)

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