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Hello! I am here to get feedback on a blog post I wrote recently (Wild Animal Suffering Should be Effective Altruism's Flagship Cause ( I wrote it for my blog, but I ended up emailing openphil for feedback, and a rep told me to go ahead and share it here.

A summary of the article is that wild animal suffering would become much more relevant as correlated with certain engineering problems as ecosystem design and microbiome control, and that this gives it desirable properties as a future "flagship". Therefore, we should invest in popularizing it now to seed interest.

I don't really see myself investi ng in anything other than my own coffer/health/religion for the next 5 or so years, so I'm sharing this for feedback and to arbitrage on the fact that I hadn't shared it with its actual target audience yet. The other reason is that I'm proud of many aspects of my writing and want more people to read it.