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What Motivates Unethical Behavior and How Does that Affect our Altruistic Response?

In the video, Darryl Davis tells the story of meeting with a very dangerous KKK member and what began as a tense encounter between them. He speaks of the fear that was founded on his side (in my opinion) and unfounded on the side of the KKK leader. The words that struck me the most was when he talks about the noise made by the ice  bucket and how each individual reacted first nervous and then laughter "realizing how ignorant we all were." While I don't think Davis was "ignorant" for his fear of the KKK member, it is a testament to his character to include himself in that ignorance. He states "we fear the things that we don't understand...and ignorance breeds fear." In cases such as this I do believe that discussion can lead to the breaking down of ignorance and fear. I think they are the most effective tools before military force is involved. Obviously matters needed to escalate at Little Rock Central High School but it need not be forgotten that it wasn't Eisenhower who had to put himself at risk to go to school. It was the bravery of the students who were being excluded, who were being banned from attending class because of the color of their skin. It was the students like Elizabeth Eckford who calmly walked into the building as people screamed in her face. It was her bravery, her calm, her poise and the poise of students like her who acted as the living embodiment of grace that proved those who were against their presence wrong. It takes more than friendship and discussion to make effect change. It is those brave enough to stand in the face of fear and stand against ignorance that are the true effective leaders in change.