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Answer by Adrià Garriga AlonsoApr 03, 202313

I would say you should just donate it now. Gift Aid is just very efficient, and we have plenty of effective interventions in all these areas to do now.

For x- and s-risk and global development (areas that benefit from research and can accumulate knowledge) the time of highest leverage is plausibly now, and the earlier the better.

The report you link says that the largest cause of later cost-effectiveness is "exogenous learning", i.e. research that happens regardless and makes marginal interventions more effective. If that is the case, why not invest in the learning itself, to make effective interventions for everyone appear closer in time?

I'm less sure about animal welfare. Research affects it somewhat but it's mostly advocacy, and I'm not sure how that accumulates over time. I think you should give now too.

No, I think your table is substantially better than chatgpt’s because it factors out the two alignment dimensions into two spatial dimensions.

Very cool, I didn't actually believe that other regulatory regimes emulated the EU, but I believe it a little bit now. The large number of GDPR emulations surprised me.

One thing I don't quite get

This complicated architecture has also had a 5.2% growth rate in all its bodies combined, with most of the staff being highly educated (usually possessing a master's degree).

This is a growth in the number of staff?

Both of these factors resulted in a signal of competence to other countries in the world, which results in a higher degree of trust in the EU's decisions and policies.

Why does having more staff signal competence? Is it because more budget implies the agencies are being taken seriously?

No, getting rid of factory farming (“fiat iustitia”) won’t increase X-risk (“pereat mundus”).

Or are you implying that resources are in competition for the two? (Perhaps weakly true)

Literally everyone knows he was the Masculine Mongoose. Superheros don’t even try to hide their identity any more.

Oops, thank you for the correction! My mistake. I still like "EA workshop" more, since attendees are thinking about their life plans and working on improving them.

Seminar is also pretty religious. I very much like "EA workshops"

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In 1951, Alan Turing argued that at some point computers would probably exceed the intellectual capacity of their inventors, and that “therefore we should have to expect the machines to take control.” Whether that is a good or a bad thing depends on whether the machines are benevolent towards us or not. (Partial source: )

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