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ML safety researcher, working on NN interpretability.


Literally everyone knows he was the Masculine Mongoose. Superheros don’t even try to hide their identity any more.

Oops, thank you for the correction! My mistake. I still like "EA workshop" more, since attendees are thinking about their life plans and working on improving them.

Seminar is also pretty religious. I very much like "EA workshops"

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In 1951, Alan Turing argued that at some point computers would probably exceed the intellectual capacity of their inventors, and that “therefore we should have to expect the machines to take control.” Whether that is a good or a bad thing depends on whether the machines are benevolent towards us or not. (Partial source: )

[for policy makers]

It is a mistake to assume that AI researchers are driven by the positive consequences of their work. Geoffrey Hinton, winner of a Turing Award for his enormous contribution to deep neural networks, is not optimistic about the effects of advanced AI, or whether humans can decide what it does. In a 2015 meeting of the Royal Society, he stated that "there is not a good track record of less intelligent things controlling things of greater intelligence", and that "political systems will use [AI] to terrorize people". Nevertheless, he presses on with his research, because "the prospect of discovery is too sweet".

(source for the quotes: )

[for any audience]

The chief asset of the human species is our intelligence: with it, we have settled all over and transformed the world. Most machine learning researchers expect AI to surpass human intelligence in all areas within a lifetime (source ). When that happens, humanity will find ourselves in the same place as chimpanzees: with our fate at the mercy of the most intelligent species. As deep learning Geoffrey Hinton noted, "there is not a good track record of less intelligent things controlling things of greater intelligence".

This seems better than having to make an entirely new dating site.

It is unclear to me if this is a good idea. Sci-hub is great, but whoever does this would face a good amount of legal risk. If EA organisations (eg American ones) are known to be funding this, they face the risk of lawsuits and reputational damage.

I think at least this post should not be publicized too widely. Maybe nobody else commented on this post for precisely this reason?

What does the WANBAM acronym (assuming it is one) stand for? Presumably Women And Non Binary... Altruism Movement?

(apologies if the question is irrelevant but I'm very curious, and I couldn't find this in the post or the website)

My impression is that it might be easy to miss some amino acid types if you're not careful (e.g. tryptophan is almost exclusively found in meat/dairy and is the only way your body can make serotonin

I am pretty confident that this particular impression is incorrect. The essential amino-acid profiles of the protein of most plant sources is  very close to human requirements. See in particular Figure 14 of the WHO report on amino-acid requirements. (,  page 165 of the PDF). It compares the human percentage amino-acid requirements with the content of various animal and vegetal sources. They are incredibly similar, and also the percentage of tryptophan required is larger than the human pattern in all plant sources (except perhaps maize if we scale down the bars).

That said, thank you for the post! I am now 70% confident that I am in fact stressed; but I don't see a way to stop it, the work just keeps on piling up.

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