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I learned about utilitarianism at my university, because it was founded by Jeremy Bentham. I decided the best way to reduce suffering for the greatest number at that point was to work to prevent genocide, crimes against humanity and similar violations of international law.

I worked in human rights organisations. Our small teams achieved legal precedents such as the abolition of the death penalty in nearly all of Europe, or the designation of rape by prison guards as a form of torture in Europe. Later I co-founded a legal aid fund to provide access to justice for victims of crimes against humanity. That small team provided evidence to a landmark UNHRC investigation into war crimes, and achieved an arrest warrant against a world leader for war crimes. I have experience of entrepreneurship, litigation, advocacy, communications, campaigning and fundraising.

A friend told me about EA in 2013. This roughly coincided with me developing a disability, so I developed skills in marketing and recruitment that better enabled flexible working.

Since then I've explored all cause areas at different times and participated in EA London, EA Global, EA Operations Forum and a CFAR workshop. I currently donate to effective climate change charities.

I moved to rural Scotland and completed a Fellowship, an Animal Advocacy Careers course and volunteered with No More Pandemics. I'm also participating in a book group on 'The Precipice' and a 'Policy for Good' training course.

I manage two major social media channels, the 'Effective Altruism' group on LinkedIn and 'Women and Non-Binary People in EA' group on Facebook, which I co-moderate.


Very happy to see this!

I'd like to join the webinar please.

It sounds brilliant. Good luck!

I'd be happy to be on the team and do what I can on social media.

Very glad to see this! Here are two Facebook groups that may be of interest:

Effective Zakat -

EA Middle East

GiveDirectly is looking for a UX designer.

Look for Senior UX/UI designer at GiveDirectly on LinkedIn. 


(Unfortunately there's a technical glitch which prevents me from sharing the link.)

Thanks for this perspective! I'm excited to see your 2-min video about ineffective donations, but there is an error message at the moment.

"Any civil servants (lawyers, policy professionals, analysts) can apply to any other internally advertised role after that have passed their probation." 


What do you think about joining the civil service in e.g. administrative roles so that more civil service vacancies are then advertised to you?

It's unfortunate that the UK media launch will coincide with the general election. The competition for mainstream media coverage from other causes will be heavy, especially since the new Transparency legislation has restricted the other activities that charities can do.

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