Rían O.M

Biomed Student / EA Ireland Organiser @ Trinity College Dublin / EA Ireland
Pursuing an undergraduate degree
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Currently a biomedical student and EA Ireland Organiser. Running proto-biosecurity reading groups / fellowships. 

How others can help me

Currently planning to apply for funding for a GCBR focussed expert survey. Always looking for advice!

Understanding the landscape of biosecurity is slightly more difficult than other cause areas given the greater concern regarding information hazards. If you have any insights / frameworks that you think would be helpful to someone hoping to carve out a career in this space then please do share!

How I can help others

I've written a syllabus for and run a proto-biosecurity fellowship so I could probably give some helpful advice regarding the dos / don'ts. 


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Hello! I'm a bio/ biomedical student / EA Ireland organizer. Am interested in GCBRs, policy and technical responses and the dual-use dilemma.  Just finished running some proto-fellowships on biosecurity.

Wonderful work! I have nothing I can offer other than encouragement as this defiantly seems worth researching!