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AMA: Toby Ord, author of "The Precipice" and co-founder of the EA movement

The timing of this AMA is pretty awkward, since many people will presumably not have access to the book or will not have finished reading the book. For comparison, Stuart Russell's new book was published in October, and the AMA was in December, which seems like a much more comfortable length of time for people to process the book. Personally, I will probably have a lot of questions once I read the book, and I also don't want to waste Toby's time by asking questions that will be answered in the book. Is there any way to delay the AMA or hold a second one at a later date?

What are the key ongoing debates in EA?

I don't think you can add the percentages for "top or near top priority" and "at least significant resources". If you look at the row for global poverty, the percentages add up to over 100% (61.7% + 87.0% = 148.7%), which means the table is double counting some people.

Looking at the bar graph above the table, it looks like "at least significant resources" includes everyone in "significant resources", "near-top priority", and "top priority". For mental health it looks like "significant resources" has 37%, and "near-top priority" and "top priority" combined have 21.5% (shown as 22% in the bar graph).

So your actual calculation would just be 0.585 * .25 which is about 15%.

COVID-19 brief for friends and family

Stocking ~1 month of nonperishable food and other necessities

Can you say more about why 1 month, instead of 2 weeks or 3 months or some other length of time?

Also can you say something about how to decide when to start eating from stored food, instead of going out to buy new food or ordering food online?

How do you feel about the main EA facebook group?

I think that's one of the common ways for a post to be interesting, but there are other ways (e.g. asking a question that generates interesting discussion in the comments).

How do you feel about the main EA facebook group?

This has been the case for quite a while now. There was a small discussion back in December 2016 where some people expressed similar opinions. My guess is that 2015 is the last year the group regularly had interesting posts, but I might be remembering incorrectly.

We're Rethink Priorities. AMA.

How did you decide on "blog posts, cross-posted to EA Forum" as the main output format for your organization? How deliberate was this choice, and what were the reasons going into it? There are many other output formats that could have been chosen instead (e.g. papers, wiki pages, interactive/tool website, blog+standalone web pages, online book, timelines).

Should we use wiki to improve knowledge management within the community?

wikieahuborg_w-20180412-history.xml contains the dump, which can be imported to a MediaWiki instance.

Should we use wiki to improve knowledge management within the community?

Re: The old wiki on the EA Hub, I'm afraid the old wiki data got corrupted, it wasn't backed up properly and it was deemed too difficult to restore at the time :(. So it looks like the information in that wiki is now lost to the winds.

I think a dump of the wiki is available at https://archive.org/details/wiki-wikieahuborg_w.

What is the size of the EA community?

The full metrics report gives the breakdown of number of donors by donation size and year (for 2016-2018), both as an estimate and for known number of donors.

I'm Buck Shlegeris, I do research and outreach at MIRI, AMA

Do you have any thoughts on Qualia Research Institute?

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