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Thanks! I've written it down for next time.

Down-to-earth interventions sounds better to me, too. I like all of the examples.

Just a quick thought: Supporting (investigative) journalism is also a possible intervention. I think journalism is considered a pillar of democracy? Currently, Kelsey Piper's work on OpenAI/Sam Altman is a good example.

Good to know about the small donations! Although I wonder: There are lots of (small) AI safety orgs that have a donate thing on their website and it's easy to donate a small amount. Is this also secretly very inefficient? To make bigger donations I would have to save up and then make a good decision. I prefer a drive-by spray-and-pray approach, personally.

NTI is a good suggestion, too! Even if it's not just bio, at least it's not AI safety. (Nothing against AI safety – as I stated above: I already donate in other ways.)

I think Yanni isn't writing about personal favourites. Assuming there is such a thing as objective truth, it makes sense to discuss cause prioritization as an objective question.

The outline structure makes this easy to skim. Thank you!

I like this. The actionable points are a bit buried in the prose, but you describe two ways of going astray that I hadn't thought about. Thank you!

One thing I would always mention is that false negatives are less costly in hiring than false positives. But I guess the article is written for an intermediate level of hiring skill, so that point is taken for granted.

It's long, but it looks like Rethink Priorities have put a lot of thought into this job posting:

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