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I get out of bed every morning driven by a personal why. 

To lead powerful people and manage excellent products by becoming brilliant in the basics.I learn, teach and mentor, so others may survive and thrive. This means I frequently think about leadership, mission, team, incentives, and customers.

I believe in setting the example, accomplishing worthy missions and taking care of our people.

I speak on my own behalf - never my employers. If that ever changes I will explicitly say so IN the communication itself.

How others can help me

Bring tech product management to bear on the world's biggest problems. 

How I can help others

Basics of Product Management. Especially authentication and easy user account creation of any sites. 


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Cory Doctorow- Author fiction and non and activist on competitive compatibility, fixing the internet, resisting monopoly, influencing through fiction and non

Daniel Suarez hard sci fi author on ai risk on space risk (Kessler Syndrome) and a counter point on why and how we should colonize space asap vs Will MacAskill concern we should maybe wait for better values first.

James Starvidis retired Admiral and author of 2034 on great power war risk and fiction for warning about it.

Annalee Newitz author of scatter adapt remember how humans will survive a mass extinction on surviving various x risk

Scott Santens on UBI!

Rob Thelen entrepreneur founder of ; former IBMer, Googler, USAF combat veteran, on career exploration and pivots and the case for relentless optimism (biased- he’s a good friend of mine and hugely positive influence)

Rob Reid and Sam Harris did a very scary podcast about this. I am also glad

TL;DR but I appreciate you 🙂

We should use quick posts a lot more. And anyone doing the more typical long posts should ALWAYS do the TLDRS I see many doing. It will help not scare people off. Im new to these forums, joined about a month ago coming in from first hearing Will M on Sam Harris a few times, reading doing good better, listening to lots of 80k hours pods and doing the trial giving what we can pledge, joining EA everywhere slack etc. But I find the vast majority of these forum posts extremely unapproachable. I consider myself a pretty smart guy and I’m pretty into reading books and listening to pods, but I’m still quite put off by the constant wall of words I get delivered by the forum digest (a feature I love!) I have enjoyed a few posts I’ve found and skimmed. It’s just that the main content is usually way too much.

Unless the first thing stated after a clickbait title like this is “no, microbes don’t matter more than humans…but now that I have your attention…here’s a valuable point” then first I have no time for it and second it’s silliness like this that makes me take the whole movement of EA less seriously .

Good post. Agree a great way to build career capital. Also aligned at the high level. Most join the military to do good. Many who leave it do so because of the effectiveness question.

It’s what led me to leave after 8 years in the Corps with 18 months in Afghanistan.

Thanks for the writing.

"The AI Dilemma" presentation by Center for Humane Technology: specifically the speakers Tristan Harris and Asa Raskin  is the most compelling case for slowing down and getting more cautious “moving at the speed of getting it right” with generative AI I’ve heard. How might we get more people to give it a listen?

Hi there, I've added a bio as suggested. Nice to meet yall.