Rika Gabriel

Outreach Manager @ Ambitious Impact
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Thank you for taking the time to read our paper and share your feedback on our work! Right now, we are working to compare the total DALYs from MHDSCs to the total DALYs from all the diseases included in the GBD. We may also include more baselines to compare the scale and neglectedness of mental health in the Philippines to that of other countries/causes.

I  also appreciate your input on the further work that we can do. For the next phase of our research, we may focus on describing (and maybe evaluating) existing interventions/projects/organizations that aim to alleviate the burden of MHDSCs in the country. We will definitely be using Charity Entrepreneurship's research process and the input of mental health professionals as an inspiration and/or guide to this further research.

Regarding the mental health project that you witnessed, I am interested in reading about their process and progress! Would you happen to know if such a writeup exists and if it does, if this writeup is available for public viewing?