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The differences in these two scenarios is what led to two different tools being used in their resolution. In the case of Davis, Davis’s focus was to change Roger Kelly’s mindset along with the other people in the KKK from the inside out, rather than forcefully dismantling the KKK. If he would’ve used force against the KKK, it would not have erased their hatred against black people. Instead, it would’ve pushed their hatred underground where they would still be as, if not more, dangerous. To harm groups like the KKK, it is important to change their views and fight their hatred through compassion, because that is how they can be effectively dismantled. On the other hand, Faubus’s views does not matter as much in the long run for the equality in Arkansas. Thus, it was effective to use force to catalyze change through the integration of Central High School: to force the ignorant students to be confronted with others they hate for the equality of future generations. Integration in this case was important to change the views of the citizens as a whole, not just a specific group of people or one specific person.