Rob Ennals (New Public)

Software Engineer @ New Public
2 karmaJoined Working (15+ years)


New Public is looking for a Senior Software Engineer, to collaborate with a group of Public Service Media orgs across Europe and North America to build a publicly-owned, public-interest online space that encourages productive discourse between people with different worldviews. 

Solving all other problems depends on people being able to have productive discourse about the nature of those problems and how to solve them. This is a space where many have tried and failed, but we believe our partners have the prestige and audience size to give ours a credible shot of success. We have built a prototype that people are excited about and now it's time to turn it into a real product.

Salary: $160-175,000  USD.

Location: Fully Remote. US or Canada.

Application: . Likely to close soon.

Suggested skills and/or requirements: 

  • Experience shipping real products
  • Some experience building social products
  • Comfortable working anywhere in the stack - front end, back end, ranking, etc.

About New Public: Our work started when co-founders Eli Pariser and Talia Stroud asked what healthy societies need from digital spaces — not just in terms of avoiding harms, but in terms of creating public goods. We believe that thriving societies require flourishing public spaces, and that the design of public spaces shapes the kind of public conversations and communities that a society has.