Robert Nenninger

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I studied physics, music and Sanskrit (^_^;) at uni and am now wishing to found a creative media company to positively influence society by creating beautiful and morally reflective content.  I'm particularly interested in the potential of anime to positively shape a sense of morality in young people/children (e.g. teaching the value of friendship) and in the potential of fantasy (as a genre) to allow sophisticated contemplation on philosophical themes - iff it is brought back to the high literary standard of the works of Tolkien,  its originator.

How others can help me

Reach out to me if you have a similar urge for meaningful creation and want to positively influence society with your creative work. Let's collaborate! Especially looking for artistically talented people, since I cannot draw... (-_-;)

How I can help others

I'm good at writing and have quick information processing speed. Also I'm very open-minded, curious and easy to befriend =(^.ᴥ.^)=