Robert Stewart

5 karmaJoined Jun 2022


Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes

Skills: Self-taught knowledge, inter-disciplinary research and foundational writings in the fields of Psychology, Philosophy, Biology, History, Pedagogy, and Neuroscience; Thematic syllabi design following criteria for education for capability (Royal Society of Arts, 1980); Roadmap design and logistical analyses of feasibility of conceptual technologies, philanthropic services and project development.



Notes: Full-time or part time work. Available to start immediately in a role. Looking primarily for research opportunities in longtermism, x-risk, policy or the intersections between disciplines. Open to a variety of other roles, such as a generalist, operations, or personal assistant that would allow me to develop and upskill while contributing to the work done by an affiliated organisation/institute.

Further, seeking the opportunity to translate independent research and writings on a variety of subjects (see below) into publishable papers and further academic credentials, or by having them reviewed by established researchers/ field experts for collaborative development to build a professional portfolio and furthering inter-disciplinary familiarity. 

The following is a list of some of the research and projects I've been developing over the past few years. If you wish to discuss any of these further, please reach out and I will make myself available: 

The development of knowledge, culture and technology across human species, including breaching the previous language barriers between these species;

Long-term technological advancement and bridging requirements, including analyses on feasibility;

Climate change solutions and eco-restorative culture building;

Rural mental health and psycho-ecological contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals;

Educational reform, including university level education innovations and multi-disciplinary thematic syllabi creation such as: 'climate resilience, renewable technologies and eco-restorative research'; 'The origin, development, and future of knowledge acquisition'; and 'Sustainable Development Goals: Innovation, development and delivery'. ;

An Academic Preparation Programme for inter-disciplinary scholars, including the criteria for education for capability;

The "Young Species Theory" as a contribution surrounding the Fermi Paradox;

Developing a solutions-based framework for existential risk management;

"Civilisational Architecture" as a field, to create a body of knowledge to contribute towards, and learn from, that motivates us towards species-wide cooperation and the development of philanthropic routes and roadmaps to bring our future potential closer to our present; and,

The evolution and future of consciousness, including developing a neuroscientific explanation and investigation into the forms and functions of consciousness across species, including  willed improvement of the self (body and mind) and its potential across generations or evolutionary deep time for novel capabilities.