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I really appreciate the work that https://givingmultiplier.org/ is doing. I am certain it will lead to greater reflection by donors and increase funding for important causes, particularly highly impactful charities. For a simple live database of donation matches that are publicly available, https://www.donationmultiplier.org may (or may not) be of interest. Donation Multiplier (also conceived at Harvard) is not geared towards effective altruism at this moment in time but rather seeks to encourage donations from individuals that might not otherwise be donating. As one of the founders, it is our hope that over time we can increase the number of donation match listings, particularly matches offered by cost-effective and highly impactful charities, resulting in a net gain in money donated to charities i.e. expanding the pool of resources, in addition to increasing the relative frequency and amount of donations to highly effective charities. We are also passionate about improving the integrity of donation matches e.g. addressing the repackaging of donations into matches or delays in removing matches once the cap has been exceeded, so we are currently exploring a system for ensuring that only matches that meet certain standards of integrity are included on our site, thus we hope that in the future Donation Multiplier will also function as a screening tool.