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Apparently nobody else can do any better. Anyway, the community seems somewhat insane about this, like it's a sacred subject that we dare not do a quick summary of. 

ok. So the total comp really is 75k. 

But it includes accommodation within that? 

would naturally include integration with existing social systems


I wouldn't limit AI goalcraft to integration with existing social systems. It may be better to use the capabilites of AI to build fundamentally better preference aggregation engines. That's the idea of CEV and its ilk. 

Apparently 77 people chose to downvote this without offering an alternative 100 word summary. . 


There's lots of helium in the solar system. You could harvest the atmosphere of Jupiter or Saturn for it. Obviously this has an energy cost, but s stated in the article energy is the only real resource that we use up. Everything else is renewable. 

You would miss out on the "Crossposted from LessWrong. Click to view X comments." button at the bottom, but you can also add an identical comment manually.


Oh, I see. So there isn't much difference. 

If I did that, comments from EA will not show up on LW. But that is a good fallback. It seems that a crosspost has better functionality, and the 100 karma barrier seems a bit silly since I have 4500 karma on LW. But if that's the best thing that's possible, I will do that. 

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