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I recommend that it be free and open-source. To quote Gwern:

A closed-source program or library can, by definition, only be worked on by its owners and those the owners permit; while a FLOSS program can be worked on by its owners and anyone in the world with bare access to the source. A closed program developed by a firm dies when the firm dies, and businesses lose interest or die all the time...

Open-source software is also more trustworthy for those who care about internet privacy, an area in which mainstream dating apps are notoriously bad.

I plan on applying for an internship position at Ought soon – is there anything you think I should know about applying, besides what is listed on your website? To be more specific:

  • Have you ran the ML engineering internship program before? If so, what have previous interns said about the experience?
  • What is the work culture like?