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I think liberalism has a better track record than communism, for instance. No, but I do think Catholics should spend some time thinking about what's up with catholic priests molesting children, particularly if that catholic has any control over what goes on in the church. In general I do not think blaming this or that ethical system or social movement makes much sense, but noticing that the adherents of some social movement or ethical system tend to do some particular kind of bad thing more often than others can be useful, particularly if you are a part of that social movement. 

I still think that this incident should overall update most EAs in the direction of 1) ethical injunctions are important for humans and 2) more EAs should read the ethical injunctions section of the sequences. I agree that there is no system of ethics, or cultural movement, so awesome that it will stop its most loyal adherents from doing terrible things, but some do better than others. Nobody should feel guilty except for the people who committed the crime, but it would be great if EAs thought the right amount about how to lower the prob of events like this in the future, and that amount is not zero. 

I'm  also not sure how to square your advice about how I should relate to this incident with heroic responsibility.