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Absolutely, thank you!  I keep looking for a way to move several humanistic domain names on to new owners and users, since I did not get to use them as I wished.  Now that I am getting close to 80 earth years, I figure I should get these potentially useful domain names into the right hands.  I have not found the right place for that so far.  So, your suggestion is awesome.  

I wasn't really suggesting a change in the EA branding or marks.  I was hoping I could find just what you led me to.  I will post there soon, after I introduce myself a bit more. I am trying to support the Stop Starlink Satellites movement and have a simple website that hopefully can be found by coincidence if any searches for "how do I stop my service?"  Or, things like that.  www.stopstarlink.com

I have been an "unofficial" golden rule guy all my life (do they have an org or certification?)  I have been following EA for many years and have done my part in my profession over the years to think in terms of more than monetizing, aggregating, streamlining, making bucks.  As a healthcare provide in the US until recent retirement, I provided thousands of hours of pro bono or sliding scale work to meet the real needs of the clients I assisted which, as you may know, in the US healthcare has been manipulated into aggressive money making schemes.

Intro over.  I found that without a good domain name or service mark, my work on the web with providing up to date mental health care information did not get much attention.  When I dove in using the domain name DearShrink.com, attention to and distribution of reliable information became much more effective.

I am wondering if CEA has  thought about a service mark or motto that would be easier to understand, identify with, get attached to, and remember, such as BeKindAndProsper com (.org .net)

If so, please advise me as to how I could move these domain names on to the future they did not get a chance to have with me (I was a little optimistic...).  I sure don't want to sell those domain names to some manipulative merch to make themselves appear good.

Let me know

Ron Sterling MD (retired)

Author, writer, neuroscientist