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Thanks for the 1% suggestion. Any causes you feel it would be best directed to?

Hey y'all. After reading alot of Singer and some introductory information on this site I've realized how much I want to start actively contributing towards EA goals, especially toward animal rights. Unfortunately I've run into some road blocks and am feeling stuck. I wanted to share some of these problems in hopes that I can receive some resources or ideas from you good people.

  1. I'm poor. I'm saddled with student loan debt. I'm convinced that donating effectively is really the quickest and best way to make an impact but just cant afford to part with much money. How can I most effectively contribute without donating to causes?

  2. I love my job. I work as a Guide for a Wilderness Therapy program and while I feel that I have benefited a few of the troubled adolescents who I've worked with I also recognize that this type of work isn't addressing the more important issues that I've become concerned about through reading about EA. How can I help without having to change careers?

  3. Volunteering with animal advocacy groups is appealing to me but I'm skeptical of alot of groups and not sure where to go. It seems every animal advocacy group I look into is accused of hypocrisy or incompetence. How can help reduce animal suffering? I would love to find some small achievable goal that would help animals and get behind it.

  4. Can't find any EA groups near Salt Lake City. Anyone know of anything?

Lastly, I recognize that looking for a way to help without donating or shifting to a more beneficial career might be unrealistic. I'm definitely open to the idea that making more money in a different field may be the most ethical thing to do and would love to hear thoughts on that as well.