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Echoing oh54321's comment: personal fit really matters, and luckily, the field you're already interested in provides many opportunities to do good! If you don't want to turn your back to biology, you don't have to.

With that said, if you're looking for recommendations about AI...

A few people have mentioned retroactive public goods funding. I'd suggest broadening the scope a bit:

Better funding models for altruistic projects

Effective Altruism, Research That Will Help Us Improve

Market-oriented funding models are often a poor fit for altruistic projects due to the free-rider problem. On the other hand, traditional philanthropy is limited by available funding and uncertainty about how to best allocate it. Various mechanisms have been proposed to address these problems, including certificates of impact, mutual matching, quadratic funding, and others. We'd like to support work in this vein to (a) design new funding models, (b) evaluate them in small experiments, and/or (c) implement them at scale.

Answer by ryanbloom12

Scaling up carbon removal and other promising climate-related technologies before governments are willing to fund them. A lot like what Stripe and Shopify have been doing, but about an order of magnitude bigger. If the timing is right (I'm not sure it is) this strategy could get a fair bit of leverage by driving costs down and accelerating even larger-scale deployments.