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Nurse looking to pivot careers into data science. Helping to build a community of effective altruists in the Portland Area. 

How others can help me

I'll be looking for data science jobs around November of 2022. Also any advice or discussion about community building is welcome. 

How I can help others

If you would like to discuss hosting a Rationality or Effective Altruism related event in Portland let me know! Also happy to help people looking to couch surf in the area. 


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I made a vegan vitamin supplement spreadsheet! It has vitamin ranges for many multivitamins available on amazon along with price/day estimations informed by this Vegan Vitamin Primer

Inspired by reading this VOX article on Nutrition (and knowing that I should be taking vegan vitamin supplements for a while now):

Just fyi, but the vitamin values in this spreadsheet ARE NOT informed by my own independent deep dive into all the potential vitamins I should be getting or the research behind it. I'm mostly relying on the expertise of this VOX promoted Ginny Kisch Messina, a vegan Registered Dietician with a Masters of Public Health. 

An Updated version of this event is on Meetup: We will be discussing Petrov Day

I would like them to continue because it saves me a lot of time. Does LessWrong have a similar function?

Hi Yvonne Gurira, unfortunately we will not be having this meet up because we have covid. It has been postponed until May 29th! Sorry for the late notice

Can I have access to modifying these events?  I'm an organizer for PEAR. I'm glad that EA Forum can pull things from the meet-up website but most of our meet-up events are placeholders until further updates can be made.  

Case in point:

I was just talking about this with some friends! Has anyone trained a GPT-3 language model on LessWrong or EA posts and then had it create or try to distill some posts? I think this would be mostly entertaining, kinda like the postmodern philosophy generator or subreddit simulator. But it seems like a win-win regardless of whether it is a good or bad distiller.

If it is bad, it could impart some valuable lessons about recognizing vacuous gpt-3 generated ideas. If it is good, then maybe it could really distill some ideas well or generate new ones (doubtful atm?).

Also there could be a monthly award for whoever predicts which post is AI generated :).

It seems everyone here already implicitly understands how much value our free time has, however I would suggest using this Free-Time Value Calculator from Clearer Thinking which uses several thought experiments to further prime and clarify your intuitions into one central Free-Time Value.  It also has several suggestions for Time-Savers at the very end depending on your Free-Time Value Estimate.  If you take it feel free to share! I've had several friends (EA and otherwise) take it and find it fascinating, but put spoilers on your comment to prevent people from anchoring to your value.  I made a google spreadsheet calculating the value of different time saving options, I can't seem to find it now but let me know if you'd like it.

As for specific and semi-surprising time savers I recommend:

  1. Looking up food delivery options. We tried out Dumpling, but then settled with a food pickup option from Fred Meyer that is free!
  2. Youtube premium. Saves me at least 15-60 minutes per month. And I would argue the moments of watching those commercials are actually negative utility making a youtube premium account even more valuable.
  3. Soylent. Just bought it today. We will see.
  4. Also consider paying more for a parking spot, either at work, or in my case at my apartment. We spend an estimated 3-5hrs per month looking for parking at my apartment between my girlfriend and I, and a 60$ parking spot is very worth it.

ALSO. Thank you for this post! My girlfriend and I have made several time-saving updates after reading this and all the comments. The time this post has saved me is... a lot. 

Here is the link to the discord server!