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Yeap, it's incredibly exciting. 

I see a few issues with it in this context, though. 

In the short-run, it will be prohibitively expensive for most of the world's population, and it doesn't solve for the device ownership necessity. 

I also don't like the idea internet access being in the control of a company that is subject to the national laws. I feel that we need a censorship-resistant internet, especially in the existing climate. We're increasingly seeing crack-downs across the world, and I don't the US will be immune from increased internet suppression. is working on something that's in the same vein. It's not a prediction market, but seeks to use markets to identify credible/trustworthy sources. 

Disclaimer: i started working with Ideamarket a month ago

Something that could increase economic growth, dramatically reduce inequality of opportunity, and improve well-being of people worldwide:

Try to get as many people connected to the internet with a personal device as possible. 

The stat is that ~50% of the world is connected to the internet is misleading. To be connected you must have used a networked device once in three months, which is far from what most people would expect. 

Source: International Telecommunication Union ( ITU ) World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Database

The importance of internet connectivity is hard to understate. It's necessary to function as 21st-century citizens and is the backbone of our societies. It's also necessary for securing various human rights. 

Some quick reasons why internet access is important: 

  • Grants access to free education on just about anything 
  • Access to banking, communication technologies, etc.
  • Increase economic growth, which well-being is somewhat a function of as internet access effectively increases the computational power of the economic system and can 'improve' the substrate upon which it runs (people).
  • Increase awareness of EA in general  

Wrote this quickly so apologies for the brevity. I've been working on a longer post where I dive into this in a lot more detail.