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+1 for the highlighting. Especially if we could toggle this on and off! This might also be a good system to use if we could highlight species as "likely sentient", "weak-evidence for sentience", "unknown", "Little evidence of any sentience", "likely not sentient."

Perhaps someone else might have better names for these classifications...

Great work, thank you for doing this.

My only feedback is that it would be nice if there was a top-line "sentience score" for how sentient a creature is. It's hard to compare the sentience of cows to bees in a digestible way. Especially as an advocate and lay-person. For anyone though, I think this might make the information more digestible.

It might work something like this: a being would be granted the score of 1.0 if we categorize all taxa as a likely yes. They get "docked" points as the answers lean towards no. It would be great if this was weighted for how important a taxa is in determining sentience (if that's even something we could do).

Can we even weigh out how "important" some taxa are? Might this sort of system be helpful to others? Please excuse my ignorance and if this wasn't the best forum to voice this feedback!

Thanks! Kelsey flagged this and I was able to fix it. I really appreciate you letting me know Jal :)

Thanks for sharing Kelsey! I'm the Engagement Manager Kelsey mentioned. I'd love to hear any questions or comments you have here. Also, feel free to shoot us a message at FuturePerfect@Vox.com.

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