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Sana is the co-founder of SageWealth and also a licensed financial adviser with a background in Psychology. SageWealth helps people grow their money by making sustainable investing and financial planning effortless. Previously, Sana worked as an executive assistant for Europe's biggest vegan NGO and was a UX analyst at a fast growing impact startup focused on water. In her free time she loves to do contemporary dance, analyse stocks and practice mindfulness.

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How to make entrepreneurship in EA more popular 

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Love to help with all things personal finance, such as financial planning, ETF investing, impact investing and more


Really deep and thoughtful. I lost some very treasured people to the Dark Night you describe

‘When we treat workaholics as heroes, we express a belief that labor rather than contemplation is the wellspring of great ideas and that the success of individuals and companies is a measure of their long hours.’ from the book ‘Rest: Why we get more done by doing less’

This resonates a lot with me, I had exactly the same problem when wanting to invest in Africa. At the moment it's not part of my portfolio because of the above mentioned reasons. I work in investment finance and understand a bit about construction, I also know white label companies that could be approached. However I currently don't have the time to focus on it! You can reach out to me via