Sarah Tegeler

Co-Director @ Effective Altruism Germany
233Hamburg, DeutschlandJoined Feb 2022


  • Organizer of Effective Altruism Germany
  • Organizer of Effektive Altruism Hamburg
  • Completed the In-Depth EA Virtual Program
  • Attended an EA Global conference
  • Attended an EAGx conference
  • Attended more than three meetings with a local EA group
  • Received career coaching from 80,000 Hours


Thank you, just changed it! Please note that we will update this event again as soon as we know the registration times for the conference.

Hey Lina, thank you for the message. I'm looking forward to meeting you! You're welcome to arrive a little earlier so we can get to know each other before the event starts.

Hi Tifenn, great to hear! Exactly: There will be a talk by Karl and then a discussion about the topic. Looking forward to meeting you – let me know if you have any questions in advance.

Thank you for the feedback and the suggestions, Konstantin! For Berlin, we are currently hiring a paid community manager who will organise regular events and work together with the volunteer organisers in Berlin. For the other suggestions: We are currently developing actionable impact metrics and will use an iterative process to prioritise several ideas. We will share our impact considerations on the forum and keep everyone updated with our newsletter ( about what projects we start.

Hi Jan, great! Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow. Will also send you a PM with some more info.

We'll be meeting at Apple&Eve – just added the venue to the event. Looking forward to meeting you!

Hi Ben, thank you for the message! I will add the venue here in the event shortly and will send another comment.

There will be three vegan food options tomorrow, so let's have some lunch together! We will walk to the Urania together around 4.45pm to get registered.
Please bring cash as you won't be able to pay by card at Noah's.

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!