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Is shareholder activism worth it?

Thanks, Wayne!

This looks like a good starting point for further research, but it's hard to take much that's actionable from this without more background in finance. Is there anything you'd take away as advice to a smallish-scale individual investor?

Is shareholder activism worth it?

Thanks! This is helpful, and nudging me away from this approach.

Do you know of any good primers to get a better sense of how/when these levers get used on socially relevant issues?

Is shareholder activism worth it?

Hrm, this is useful context, but I think you may be getting at a different issue. For the mutual funds that I'm looking at, they seem to be viewing shareholder activism as a potential avenue to have prosocial (ESG) impact on the companies that they invest in, such that their activism strategy likely increases fees a bit without impacting returns either way.