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Hi folks,

newcomer here.

I am looking for advice on what to do when i have -finally, at long last- finished my masters degree in bioprocess engineering at a major university in southern germany (KIT, Karlsruhe).

There is a lot of cool research going on here and staying at my cozy environment, working on a doctorate degree seems tempting. But staying in academia until i am fourty (which isn't too long anymore) could hamper my ability to find a job later.

I could most likely find a well-paying job in a major Pharma company, but working as a small gear in a big company without a real bigger-picture-cause could stifle my motivation.

There sure is a lot of cool stuff to do in biotech, but is there a company/institution (preferrably in the Karlsruhe/Heidelberg/Stuttgart - Area) that somewhat aligns with EA principles?

Also i'd love if you shared your favorite biotech-articles that don't revolve around cultivated meat.