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    Nick and Team,

    RE: Effective Altruism Project Ideas (from the global SD sector)


    For the past 20 years I have been training and working in global Sustainable Development (SD) and Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation around the planet, and within all 5 major sectors (e.g., public, private, IO, NGO, and academic). Your efforts, and the efforts of your group and the EA movement, were recently brought to my attention – and I am quite excited to learn more about what you are all doing and how I may play an active role in helping foster your efforts.

    For some context, I started as a university professor in environment and development. I then spent a number of years working with the feds as an advisor, report and speech-writer, and consultant on Sustainable Development Strategies (SDS’s). From there I moved overseas to begin advising the multinational tech sector in SD strategies and project development. After spending a few years overseas I began my own corp focused on SD and climate change issues. This has involved working with all 5 sectors and conducting a number of successful United Nations projects directly addressing a wide variety of UN SDGs. As a result of these various projects I now speak at UN conferences somewhat regularly (still working on my public speaking skills). At the last conference I got to attend, COP26 in Glasgow, I was admittedly let down by the general veneer of goodness portrayed by the global finance sector last November. Yet, I am enthusiastic to know about the EA community and the positive impacts it continues to increasingly make.

    Given my background and network in the international SD and climate worlds I have a roster of both proven projects and project ideas ripe for appropriate support and implementation. These projects cover a wide range of SD focused areas that address: urban and rural healthcare issues; circular economies; clean energy infrastructure; education access; gender equality initiatives; income disparity; governance; food security; waterways management; conflict resolution; risk management; legal policy frameworks; space law frameworks (based upon maritime law); and proven climate change adaptation & mitigation infrastructure development.

    Global Sustainable Development has been the dominant theme of my entire adult life so far. It has been a remarkable collection of unique experiences, it has been humbling, it has been challenging, and it has been rewarding. At this stage of my life and career I would love the opportunity to speak directly with your team in hopes that we can work together to take SD and EA to a whole new level.

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    Scott Phipps, PhD
    Ontario, Canada