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Hi all,

I'm the CEO over at Ultraworking. I've been adjacent to the broader Effective Altruism communities for a long time — I ran a 100% volunteer nonprofit called GiveGetWin a decade ago, where we did cool charity projects and funded experimental potential high impact philanthropic innovations. Part of the rationality community for a long time. 

After Caroline really liked the Pentathlon personally and for her team when she was at CHAI before Oxford, she asked if we could do something custom for people in EA at large — and the answer is of course yes, very grateful and appreciative of the opportunity to help and support people in longtermist communities.

If there's answer questions, happy to answer. If there's ever anything I can do to help, please let me know - sebastian at - really happy to take some time out if there's anything that'd be helpful. If anyone doing good work in EA is just starting out and if anything we're doing isn't affordable, let me know and we'll set up you at no charge. Likewise if you're running a group or even and we can facilitate a little bit on some productivity/coordination side of things - our whole team cares about the work that's happening in EA / X-Risk / AI Safety, and happy to help in any way we can.

just trying harder and being more conscious about them for a few weeks, but this won't lead to better long-term habits

It's a big question, but a partial answer is identifying patterns that work for you and designing around them for the long term. Doing a retrospective on successful times, identifying the causal factors, and then designing them into one's tools, workflows, environment, social circle, lifestyle, etc seems to be a big part of success.