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This is Sebastian Sanchez. As well as Issa and Jesse, I've been working with Vipul in his Wikipedia editing project, starting from part–time to an actual full–time form. Vipul introduced me to a world I haven't experience before; he allowed me to build a job of intellectual profile which would have been unthinkable in this remote town of Argentina. In addition, the versatility of topics worked under Vipul's enterprise is something I value much, and I think this kind of project would be highly sought as well by workers with intellectual profile. Works under his sponsorship, like Timeline of Plague and Timeline of Influenza, proved very useful to the public. Also, many works sponsored by Vipul continue to grow today in hands of outer editors. In a few words, Vipul sponsored a big amount of content that is not only useful to the world, but is alive and keeps growing.