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Is or will there be a way for me to sign up for notification when Grant Applications open up again, if they do? 

Seena Hawley

Berkeley, CA   https://www.thebbbp.org    The Berkeley Baby Book Project

I believe that with the birth of every  child unimaginable potential is born in that body's brain and it is our job to maximize that potential. Right now this is not happening for all our children. We KNOW how to do so: wealthy communities and families do it ALL THE TIME: clean water, good food, shelter, safety and then -- in line with Maslow's Hierarchy -- Books, then decent educational facilities. On these last two we are failing our less-affluent and poor children every day. (Prop 13 did not help CA in that regard!!!). Books from birth in the home are the best tools in the best place at the best time to plant and nurture the roots of later Literacy -- key to full participation in shaping the institutions, policies and practices that shape our future. We need all our children to be full participants in that future. Books from birth can help stack the odds in favor of that. And Dolly Parton's Imagination Library is the best way yet to get those books into children's hands and homes FROM BIRTH in the earliest and most impactful years. AND! It is a super Joyful Program. Books arrive addressed to the child every month to age 60 months once registered. Parents love it, and children do. Not only do our communities need ubiquitous literacy, they sure can benefit from recurring, reliable moments of Joy. And Joy  good for all of us, right here right now. Ubiquitous Literacy is good for all of us now AND in the future. 

I think You should consider funding  our efforts to make book ownership a birthright here in your backyard: Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.